MINATOSEIKI is a major manufacturer of a comprehensive line of iron hardware, specializing in lashing equipment for heavy-duty applications. All MINATOSEIKI products must meet the highest levels of quality and safety to meet the requirements of users worldwide.
At MINATOSEIKI we are always engaged in new product development and the continuous pursuit of quality improvement. Our goal is to meet the demands of the international market, which is rapidly changing through the advancement of technology and exchange of information.
MINATOSEIKI utilizes the skills and knowledge learned over its more than six-decade history, to successfully produce superior products. We take pride in sparing no effort on our commitment towards quality and innovation. We remain flexible in our approach to serve a dynamic market that is in constant change.

We realize your image quickly. Challenge to create, plan boldly and execute in a deliberate and reflective manner. This principle is the framework of our business and the ethics that we aspire to. We, at MINATOSEIKI, hope to hear from you and furthermore, meet with your favor.

Head office : 3-20-7, Karasaki-Naka, Takatsuki City, Osaka, 569-8588, Japan
Capital : 45 million yen
Representative Director : Shoji Okamuro
Number of employees : 120
URL : (Japanese)

Takatsuki Factory
Factory [Takatsuki City, Osaka, Japan]
Automatic Flash Butt Welding Machine
Automatic Flash Butt Welding Machine for Lashing Rod.

Lashing Solution Div.
 Ibaraki Branch  3F Ibaraki Showa Bldg., 5-8, Nishiekimaecho, Ibaraki City,
 Osaka, 567-0032 JAPAN
 Phone : +81-72-646-6652  Facsimile : +81-72-646-6653
 China Branch  19, Yanling Xilu ShangQuan, Tianning-Qu, Changzhou City,
 Jiangsu, China
 1505, Jiahong Century Mansion
 Phone : +86-519-8813-9682  Facsimile : +86-519-8813-9620

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